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DJ RURU (Ruuka), born and raised in Montreal, is a frontend web developer by day and a DJ by night.

Enjoying a wide variety of music genres and constantly learning, she typically loves playing melodic EDM, Progressive Future Bass, Dubstep, Psytrance/Hardstyle, Techno, Trance, with hints of Dark Cyberpunk/Phonk.

Her favorite DJ/Producers include OVERWERK, 3LAU, Rezz, Martin Garrix & more.

Growing up as a Nintendo kid, video games has always been a passion. Her goal is to share her love for music through mixing nostalgic sounds, bringing back fond childhood memories and throwbacks from the 90's.




Date: January 21, 2022
Location: La Nuit Shanghai


DJ RURU × Abstrusity

Date: December 23, 2022
Location: Sumi Dojo

dj-ruru-poster-oct22-fb-cover copy

Rave at Thirty: DJ RURU

Date: October 22, 2022
Location: Sumi Dojo

Starter Packs

All packages include live DJ performance with equipment by yours truly 🙂
Limited glowsticks/props depending on available supply.

For more custom quote estimates or packages, please contact me.

"The Glorified Human Spotify Transitioner"

- Starter Pack -
Private/Corporate Events • House Parties

2 x 1000Watt Speaker
1 x 3000Watt Subwoofer
1 x Smoke -OR- Bubble Machine
1 x Wired Mic
1 x Facade w/ Star LEDs
1 x 6 LED Bar Lights


"Beat dropped so hard, it brought me to another dimension"

- Intermediate Pack -
Clubs  • Bars  • Raves • Festivals

2 x 1000Watt Speaker
1 x 3000Watt Subwoofer
1 x Laser RGB 550 mw
2 x Jet Smoke Machines
1 x Bubble Machine
1 x Wireless Mic
1 x Facade w/ Star LEDs
1 x 6 LED Bar Lights


Can request to throw in glowsticks + glowing props.


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