Project Brief

AdCenter is the main sub-division company at my work. AdCenter is the affiliate network with the world's hottest converting offers and industry leading payouts.

To finish 2019 with a bang, AdCenter decided to redo the website with new branding (including new logo) to celebrate 10 years of success. I was responsible for redefining the branding guidelines, design materials and front-end development. I worked closely with the branding/marketing team to complete the website.

More screenshots coming soon.

Node.js • Vue.js • Bulma • Pug/Jade • CSS/Scss • Git

Sign Up - Lite

Sign Up "Lite" page that the sales/marketing team used to quickly sign up people who were interested in our services during the AWE2019 conference held in Barcelona.

Booth Backdrop

Designed the backdrop for AdCenter's booth at the AWE2019 conference held in Barcelona. Real life photo of the booth featuring some of my awesome colleagues.

Page Revamps: Before & After

Side-by-side comparison before and after revamp of some of the AdCenter pages.


Before & After

New Logo (2019)

Side-by-side comparison of old logo and new logo.

Final Logo

Before & After

Since the logo was a big part of the rebranding process, it went through many drafts, gathering opinions from fellow coworkers and upper management before reaching a final decision.

Draft Process

Final Brand Guidelines

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