Sweet baby momma: Rainie

Born: January 5th, 2018
Rainie's story

Meet Rainie, my sweet 2 year-old cat whom I adopted back in February. I think it took me this long to finally post about it is due to the lingering guilt I had about getting a new cat after I lost Rengo in 2018. A part of me didn’t want to ever move on and that one day if I did, it would feel like I’m replacing him. As time passed, I learned that it’s ok to give myself permission to open up again once I’ve had time to heal. Reina didn't like her at all in the beginning but she's starting to accept that having a sister to keep her company can be nice. Rainie follows me around like a doggo and is a quirky bundle of joy; I look forward to creating more memories with her and Reina.

So I'm happy to officially welcome her to the fam <3

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