Captain America (Cosplay)

November 5th, 2016

For Montreal's Geekfest, it was taken placed at Maisonneuve, and being the natural procrastinator I am, I rushed the captain america cosplay with the shield done from scratch in just 1 day- hence the really crappy close-up quality haha! But hey, it looks fine from far away, so keep your distance :^)

Captain America w/ Mercy
Captain America w/ Mercy

Overall, it was a really fun experience! It isn't as big as Otakuthon or Comiccon, but a lot of people participated and everyone was friendly. I had a blast in the board game/video game room where it was pretty much like a Randolph (Board game bar) but more retro, with old school Mario games and such. I had a real great time reminiscing playing one of my first Nintendo games, Mario World 3. Incoming: Nerd Alert!


I even met a girl that I heard over the internet and she heard about me through the internet too, what are the chances. I ran into her in the merchandise room at her panel where she sold these really cute handmade crotchets that she made herself. I couldn't resist and purchased a bomb-omb keychain from her 🙂 Her facebook page is Kawaii Stitch Shop, definitely worth checking out.

Progress Pictures
The Finished Result

Overall there is definitely a lot of room for improvement, but for a one-day job, this will do 🙂 Note to self; please stop procrastinating!

Captain America
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